Micha Salomon

Micha Salomon
GIS Specialist
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Micha joined the Historical Ecology team in 2006. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in Geography at San Francisco State University. In the course of his studies, he has focused on cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental and historical geography. At SFEI, he has been geo-rectifying historical maps and aerial photography as well as assisting in research. Before joining SFEI, Micha managed the computer lab and taught computer classes at an elementary/middle school. He received his B.A. in Chemistry at UC Berkeley in 1996.
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News and Notables:

Nov-17-14 | Publications and Reports

The RMP Update provides a concise overview of recent RMP activities and findings, and a look ahead to significant products anticipated in the next two years. In a new "ebook" format, accessible on any browser, the RMP Update now offers new ways to interact with report content.

Jul-07-14 | Archive

The Resilient Landscapes (RL) team delivered a number of presentations during the last quarter highlighting recent accomplishments and initiatives.

Mar-01-14 | Archive

The Resilient Landscapes team is poised to complete several major projects and reports in the near future.

Jun-26-13 | Technology

SFEI, on behalf of the Wetland Monitoring Workgroup is releasing a series of technology tools to help with aquatic resource protection and management.

Jan-02-13 | Coordination and Collaboration

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has published a series interactive maps depicting the streams and historical habitats of the South Bay and the Santa Clara Valley. Interactive maps and points of interest are viewable in Google Earth.

Nov-17-11 | Publications and Reports

We are excited to announce the completion of the The East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study. The report documents the historical land cover and stream patterns of East Contra Costa County in the mid-1800s.

Aug-29-11 | Publications and Reports

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest historical ecology report, Historical ecology of the lower Santa Clara River, Ventura River, and Oxnard Plain: an analysis of terrestrial, riverine, and coastal habitats. This report is the culmination of four years of research funded by the State Coastal Conservancy and conducted by a broad project team including the San Francisco Estuary Institute, the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, CSU Northridge, Stillwater Sciences, and other researchers.

Feb-16-11 | Publications and Reports

Robin Grossinger and the Historical Ecology team have completed the T-sheet Atlas.

Nov-19-10 | Publications and Reports

Our mapping documents an array of habitats and channels (ca. 1800) over nearly 100,000 acres in western Santa Clara Valley, presenting the first detailed, comprehensive, well-documented historical mapping of the region.