November 28 Freshwater Cyanotoxin Workshop

Wed, 11/28/2012 - 9:00am - 4:15pm

Microcystis aeruginosa. Illustration by Linda Wanczyk

The Freshwater Cyanotoxins workshop was held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board in Oakland, CA. Hosted by the State Water Resources Control Board’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program , the workshop was intended to educate managers about the potential harmful effects of cyanotoxins and factors leading to cyanotoxin production

Cyanotoxins from harmful algal blooms have been causing problems in a number of water bodies in California, and have resulted in drinking water supply concerns, wildlife and domestic animal deaths, human health risks, and restrictions on shellfish harvesting. In spite of these well-documented problems, no monitoring efforts are in place to routinely screen for harmful algal blooms or associated cyanotoxins in water or organisms in California’s freshwater habitats. A series of talks by managers and scientists at the forefront of this issue were presented.

Workshop Agenda

Event Flyer



  • Jay Davis (SFEI) - Welcome and Introduction (Presentation PDF)
  • Susan Keydel (USEPA Region 9) - Freshwater Cyanobacteria: A brief overview (Presentation PDF)
  • Dominic Gregorio (SWRCB) - Investigating Water Quality Problems Created By Cyanobacterial Blooms in CA: An Overview of State Water Board Activities 2006-2012 (Presentation PDF)
  • Regina Linville (OEHHA) - Summary of findings from toxicological report and action levels; public health perspective; critical data needs (Presentation PDF)
  • Barry Rosen (USGS) - Understanding why cyanobacteria are successful: their ecological strategies, unintended consequences and monitoring considerations (Presentation PDF)
  • Alex Parker (SFSU) - Environmental factors driving bloom development and toxin production in California (Presentation PDF)
  • Melissa Miller (CDFG) - Effects on California wildlife and the land-sea connection (Presentation PDF)
  • Afternoon

  • Ken Fetcho (Yurok Tribe) - Klamath River Case Study (Presentation PDF)
  • Peggy Lehman (DWR) - Microcystis in the Delta : 2004 through 2008 (Presentation PDF)
  • Betty Fetscher and Meredith Howard (SCCWRP) - The Prevalence of Cyanotoxins in Southern California Waterbodies (Presentation PDF)
  • Raphe Kudela (UCSC) - Tools for field monitoring, SPATT technology (Presentation PDF)
  • Andy Reich (Florida Department of Health) - Florida Public Health Protection Strategies for Cyanobacteria and their Toxins (Presentation PDF)
  • Dave Crane (CDFG) - Laboratory Analysis of Cyanotoxins (Presentation PDF)
  • Hans Paerl (University of North Carolina) - CyanoHAB management and monitoring in waters experiencing human and climatically-induced environmental change: Implications for California (Presentation PDF)