News and Notables

Apr-16-15 | Publications and Reports

This journal article focuses on the ongoing efforts to describe contaminant loads from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River watershed into San Francisco Bay.

Apr-07-15 | Media

The April 2015 issue of Bay Nature features an article about Flood Control 2.0, an ambitious project being co-led by SFEI to develop a framework for designing resilient, multi-benefit flood control channels at the interface with the San Francisco Bay shoreline. SFEI senior scientist Robin Grossinger and lead geomorphologist Scott Dusterhoff provide information about how these creek channels have been modified over the past century, the opportunity that now exists to redesign these channels to meet current and future flood control and habitat needs, and the tools that are being developed within the project to assist the management and restoration communities with resilient multi-benefit designs. We welcome you to read the full article.

Apr-05-15 | Publications and Reports | Featured

A new SFEI study shows that rain gardens and a bioswale constructed at the Daly City main library provide flood control and remove significant levels of a number of critical water contaminants. This type of "low impact development" (LID) project, when designed and functioning correctly, can provide cleaner water and reduce flooding in urban areas of San Francisco Bay.

Mar-31-15 | Media

The overarching goal of the RMP is to collect data and communicate information about water quality in San Francisco Bay in support of management decisions. Dredging activities are affected by management decisions about disposal of contaminated sediments, dredged sediment volumes, and the impacts of dredging on aquatic life. The RMP teamed with the Bay Planning Coalition on a fact sheet describing how the RMP has studied these issues to ensure that management decisions are based on sound science.

Mar-17-15 | Media

An explanatory series focusing on one of the most complex issues facing California: water sharing. And at its core is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta. Stay with for all the project's stories.

Mar-16-15 | Events and Appearances

Robin Grossinger and Letitia Grenier present at the Delta Challenges Workshop:

Feb-27-15 | Publications and Reports

Resilient Silicon Valley is a project of the San Francisco Estuary Institute to build the science-based framework needed to guide the design of and investments in regional ecosystem health.

Feb-24-15 | Technology

Over the last few months, the IT team has been carefully preparing to switch SFEI's phone and internet services to fiber. When we go live, the service will allow for blazingly fast internet speeds that will provide staff an enhanced work experience and enable large-scale data sharing in ways integral to our role as a regional data center.

Feb-24-15 | Coordination and Collaboration

SFEI is the science lead for the San Francisco Bay Nutrient Science and Management Strategy, which is developing the science needed for informed decisions about managing nutrient loads and maintaining beneficial uses within the Bay. Two recent products highlight key initiatives of this Program.

Jan-23-15 | Events and Appearances

How does responsible stewardship of a cultural landscape balance history and ecology?

Jan-15-15 | Miscellaneous

SFEI is pleased to welcome Dr. Letitia Grenier, who joined the Institute in January to co-lead the Resilient Landscapes Program.

Jan-11-15 | Media | Featured

Chemistry World, Scientific American, KRCB North Bay Public Radio, and others tackled the story featured on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. With respect to the family of chemicals called PBDEs, there appears to be some very good news to report.

Jan-01-15 | Technology

Several new CRAM training tools and enhancements are now available on the CRAM website and EcoAtlas.

Dec-31-14 | Coordination and Collaboration

In partnership with the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV), SFEI/ASC developed a new interactive map to display active and completed SFBJV partner projects throughout the region.

Dec-26-14 | Media

The SF Chronicle features a story describing how scientists have found evidence of widespread and rapid declines in flame retardant pollution in many San Francisco Bay species, according to a new study released by the San Francisco Estuary Institute.