The dark blue area depicts the historical extent of baylands: tidal marshes, mudflats, channels and pannes

Historical and modern views of San Francisco Bay Baylands

The EcoAtlasEcoAtlas Baylands Maps (Baylands Maps) provide environmental data and information about the San Francisco Estuary and its watersheds. The Baylands Maps are a Geographic Information System (GIS) used to support local and regional environmental planning and management. They represent the integration of many kinds of information from numerous sources. They are a picture of the environmental past, the present, and change. They provide the most detailed regional views of past and present conditions that are available at this time. They are also a spatial template to view possible scenarios for environmental management in the future, and a geographic index for spatially-related data and their sources.

EcoAtlas features this historical ecology data layer to help you visualize and understand the landscapes of the past.

The Baylands Maps were used to support the San Francisco Estuary Baylands Ecosystem Goals.

Now available updated aquatic resources maps

The Bay Area Aquatic Resources Inventory (BAARI) has been completed and the GIS dataset is available for download.

EcoAtlas, a tool for visualizing the extent and condition of California's aquatic resources

We welcome you to view EcoAtlas in action. With features ranging from a Landscape Profile Report that characterizes a customized geographic extent for a watershed to a project repository and tracking system, EcoAtlas is evolving to meet the state's evolving needs.