Ventura Historical Ecology Study GIS data

TitleVentura Historical Ecology Study GIS data
Publication TypeMap
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGrossinger, RM, Salomon M, Beller EE, Stanford B, Whipple A
KeywordsMcGrath Lake, Pierpont Bay, Mandalay Beach, Ormond Beach, Saticoy Springs, Oxnard Plain, Mugu Lagoon, Revolon Slough, Castaic Creek, Piru Creek, Sespe Creek, Santa Paula Creek, Calleguas Creek, Santa Clara River, Ventura River, GIS, historical ecology

GIS data is in file geodatabase (.gdb) format for ESRI ArcGIS 10

SFEI Program


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Geospatial data describing the historical conditions of the lower Santa Clara River, Ventura River, Oxnard Plain, and Ventura County Shoreline were developed to provide information for flood protection, watershed management, habitat restoration, local education, and research.

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