Contaminants Projects

Central Valley Watershed Monitoring Directory

An online resource that promotes and facilitates coordination of water monitoring across the Central Valley basin.

Delta Regional Monitoring Program

Aquatic Science Center supports the Central Valley and State Water Boards in the development of the Delta Regional Monitoring Program.

Delta Water Quality

Aquatic Science Center supports U.S. EPA in developing an Action Plan for a cleaner, healthier Delta.

Lindsey Slough Methylmercury Study

Solano Land Trust is undertaking a project in 2010 at the Calhoun Cut Ecological Reserve (CCER) to remove constructed levees.

LTMS Science Framework Update

SFEI is updating the technical underpinnings for minimizing the impacts of dredging on species of concern.

McNabney Marsh - Benthos

The McNabney Marsh has not seen tidal waters in about 100 years and due to the perseverance by and diligence of the Peyton Slough Wetlands Advisory Committee (PSWAC) members, the re-introduction of tidal waters was implemented in August 2008.

Selenium in Wastewater

SFEI has been asked to characterize selenium in six wastewater treatment effluent.

State of the Bay

SFEI, the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration, the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, and The Bay Institute together assess the ecological health of the San Francisco Estuary ecosystem and follow the trends of San Francisco Estuary ecosystem conditions.

Statewide Bioaccumulation Monitoring

SFEI coordinates the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program's Bioaccumulation Oversight Group and is the technical lead for SWAMP statewide bioaccumulation monitoring.