East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study

SFEI conducted a historical ecology assessment of natural resources in East Contra Costa County in partnership with Contra Costa County and the Contra Costa Watershed Forum. Through the study, SFEI collected and analyzed data to build understanding of the historical alignments of creeks, the natural pattern of riparian and dryland habitat types, and the locations of former seasonal and perennial wetlands. This study developed new methods for assessing uplands, including use of Wieslander Vegetation Type Maps, compiled in the 1920s and 30s. The data developed through the project can help identify valuable habitat remnants, prioritize restoration opportunities and strategies, and recognize landscape trends. The project was been designed specifically to inform the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan process.



Contra Costa Watershed Forum
Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development


California Coastal Conservancy
Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
California Department of Fish and Game
Contra Costa County

Project Status

The project was completed in November 2011.

GIS data

Download GIS data for ESRI ArcMap 10 (3.1 Mb)
Download Google Earth KML files (5.4 Mb)
1939 Aerial photomosaic available at UCB Earth Sciences and Map Library. Also viewable as background imagery on Google Earth

See GIS metadata and report for methods and limitations of data.

Download the East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study report

High resolution pdf (for printing)
Part 1: Front matter, introduction, methods, and land use (pages 1-26) (123 Mb)
Part 2: Streams and riparian habitats and wetland habitats (pages 27-70) (150 Mb)
Part 3: Dryland habitats, references, and appendix (pages 71-118) (193 Mb)

Low resolution pdf (for screen viewing) (1.4 Mb)

Introductory brochure (8.81 Mb)

Printed Report

Copies of the report (11"x17") are available for purchase for $15 plus $5 for shipping. For information on ordering a copy, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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